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Victa 70 Years Turning Grass Into Lawns

An Exhibition at Powerhouse Castle Hill

Do you think he knew in 1953 that in 2023 his very first production model Victa Lawnmower would be on display in a museum 25 km away at Concord an inner west suburb of Sydney?

He’d built his first mower in 1952 for his son who was running a lawn mowing business and

named it after himself (though not his surname as you might expect)…Mervyn Victor Richardson’s company became the iconic Victa. For the past 15 years Victa has been owned by the Briggs & Stratton Corporation who continue to make lawnmower products in NSW.

This small exhibition includes about 20 lawnmowers with the oldest 10 being on the bottom

level and the larger later models with catchers being displayed above head height. Entry to the museum and the many displays for people of all ages is free so please visit and support a locally made icon.

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