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Garden Pot Recycling

At Due North Gardens we are aware that plastic consumption and production in Australia is a growing concern. Potentially harmful chemicals are annually leached into our environment from the piles (almost 14000 tonnes) of plastic pots and labels that are diverted to landfill.

The plastic used is Polypropylene or PP5 which is highly recyclable but due to technical processing issues less than 10% of kerbside or recycling bin PP5 waste becomes recycled.

There is a solution which has been developed by PP5 – Australia’s leading PP5 recycling service for plastic plant pot and label waste. They …’ are committed to minimising the impact of horticulture packaging on the environment and meeting Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets.’

As of April 2022, the public can leave their plastic pots and labels at both Retail and Commercial collection points including Flower Power Glenhaven/ Prospect and

Once collected from the retailer the pots are taken to a Polymer Processor where they are turned into grains and finally made into new recycled pots at Garden City Plastics.

For more information go to

Note: This photo below- which shows some of our collection of various shapes, colours, sizes and designs of pots and labels pots ready to take to the collection point - is indicative of why it is impractical to return pots to retailers and growers to simply just be reused.

One of the many new pots made using the PP5 recycled pots available at:

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