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Celebrating with Flowering Gums

The Pantone Colour of 2023 is Viva Magenta 18-1750.

Viva Magenta’s perfect balance between warm and cool, makes it a great accent colour for any garden to both uplift and rejuvenate the space and everyone who shares it. What better way to join in the celebrations than by planting some Corymbia ficifolias - more commonly known as Australian Native Flowering Gums.

They flower throughout summer and attract birds just like these Lorikeets into your garden. The many varieties available adapt to different soil types, grow best in full sun, enjoy a light trim after flowering and are best planted in early Spring.

The many red varieties in order of size include:

MINI RED (Height: 2.5 metres, Width: 2 metres)

BABY SCARLET (Height: 3 metres, Width: 3 metres)

SUMMER RED – red flowers, to 5m tall.

WILD SUNSET (Height: 6 metres, Width: 4 metres

WILDFIRE (Height: 6 metres, Width: 4 metres)

FAIRY FLOSS (Height: 7 metres, Width: 6 metres) – a deliciously sweet name!

Other colours include white (Snowflake), salmon (Calypso) and orange (Baby Orange).

At Due North Gardens we love displaying the flowers, gumnuts and leaves indoors and outdoors to welcome family and friends.

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